I realize that while there have been little blurbs about this on FriendFeed, Facebook, Flickr, etc., I haven’t actually blogged anything about the new man in my life. Probably has something to do with the fact that the only opportunities to go online have been when I’m nursing him and it’s difficult to write an entire blog post from an iPhone. And since he’s starting to stir in the pouch he’s currently residing in, I doubt I’ll have very long to post today either.

Here are the vital stats:

Reed Javier, born Friday April 17th at 6:32 am. 6 lbs., 13.9 oz., 19 inches (though by day 6 he was already well over 7 lbs and growing like crazy). I may be biased, but he is definitely the cutest baby I’ve ever seen.

While on days when his gassy-ness and fussiness only allow me 1 hr of sleep I’d probably say that he is my greatest frustration, he is also the greatest joy of my life. I never imagined that I could love anyone so much as I love this beautiful little boy. In spite of still being in a good deal of pain and not sleeping enough, I definitely feel like the luckiest woman in the world to have both Reed and Adam in my life.

This blog will probably not see many updates in the near future, but if you’re interested in what the Farkas family is up to, Adam and I hope to do a good bit more posting on our family blog.