Please choose the top three reasons why you blog.
#Response DateComment
1.Mon, 7/30/07 11:06 AMTo entertain
2.Mon, 7/30/07 11:23 AMto lose the need for perfection
3.Mon, 7/30/07 4:25 PMTo promote my archival consulting business
4.Mon, 7/30/07 4:50 PMTo engage in conversation with the professional community - it's haughty to think of this as a "contribution"
5.Mon, 7/30/07 5:29 PMTo broaden the visibility of books that might be overlooked whether due to age or lack of publicity
6.Mon, 7/30/07 6:42 PMTo promote the department within the library system
7.Mon, 7/30/07 7:41 PMMy blog reviews the history of American Libraries magazine and is part of the magazine's centennial celebration.
8.Mon, 7/30/07 8:01 PMdid it before i was required to do it (as a system-wide 2.0 program which hasn't happened yet). now i do it because it's fun (the other way would not have been fun).
9.Mon, 7/30/07 8:34 PMTo incorporate new methods into daily work; and to help others incorporate it into theirs; to explore alternatives in ways of working
10.Mon, 7/30/07 8:41 PMTo become better educated
11.Mon, 7/30/07 9:11 PMto leave a legacy for my children by sharing my work and home life
12.Mon, 7/30/07 9:19 PMAdvocate change in the scholarly communication system
13.Tue, 7/31/07 12:35 AMGot tired of other people asking me what I was reading so I'm blogging it - among other things.
14.Tue, 7/31/07 9:22 AMTo write about things I do for the library, but mostly in free time. Sometimes walking the edge..
15.Tue, 7/31/07 12:12 PMprimarily to learn about blogging, and how it can apply to our profession and to our patrons
16.Tue, 7/31/07 3:10 PMLearn web programming
17.Tue, 7/31/07 5:41 PMPeer pressure
18.Tue, 7/31/07 6:22 PMTo try new technology in encouraging an entrepreneurial attitude towards new services
19.Tue, 7/31/07 6:23 PMTo document aspects of my personal life
20.Tue, 7/31/07 8:29 PMto publish library news on-the-fly; our CMS doesn't update until 1am
21.Tue, 7/31/07 11:46 PMindirectly communicate with others interested in what I'm up to
22.Wed, 8/1/07 4:55 AMSome say it's a "cult of personality" blog--does that count as a reason?
23.Wed, 8/1/07 11:50 PMI wanted to check more than three of these answers but it wouldn't let me...
24.Thu, 8/2/07 7:40 PMEducational--I thought the best way to learn about web 2.0 applications was to experiment with them. I see my current blog as a possible precursor to a professional blog published under my name.
25.Fri, 8/3/07 5:14 AMService to remote users (Up to 1100 km away)
26.Fri, 8/3/07 5:17 AMjob requirement
27.Fri, 8/3/07 7:39 AMself motivation
28.Fri, 8/3/07 11:13 AMto support my staff
29.Fri, 8/3/07 4:19 PMTo inform the parents of my students about the learning that takes place in the library
30.Fri, 8/3/07 5:34 PMFor fun
31.Sat, 8/4/07 8:53 AMto promote/lobby for public and free access to law
32.Sat, 8/4/07 6:13 PMOur blog is for reading, favorite books and authors. I love to read and want to encourage others in our institution to read and discuss books.
33.Mon, 8/6/07 12:19 PMTo promote our school to our community at-large
34.Tue, 8/7/07 8:36 PMTo express myself and be part of blogging community around hobby unrelated to professional life
35.Wed, 8/8/07 9:23 PMTo share news and information with others
36.Fri, 8/10/07 8:34 PMI thought I should have my own blog.
37.Sun, 8/12/07 4:46 PMit is fun!
38.Mon, 8/13/07 5:03 AMAttempting to learn more about blogging
39.Tue, 8/14/07 7:38 PMAs a teaching tool with my students
40.Wed, 8/15/07 1:28 AMHarry Potter news related to the website I run
41.Wed, 8/15/07 6:40 PMto toto try and bring a unique voice to current topics in library world.
42.Fri, 8/17/07 9:08 PMto model to fellow staff how blogging can sometimes take the place of email at work if it is a staff blog
43.Sat, 8/18/07 12:39 PMto get on the damned bandwaggon
44.Sun, 8/19/07 6:48 AMTo learn about blogging
45.Mon, 8/20/07 3:34 PMI'm an adjunct prof, and the blog is a good place to take tangential questions and bring in wider perspectives for students who want to go beyond the class material