Does your job require you to manage others?
#Response DateComment
1.Mon, 7/30/07 1:54 PMN/A
2.Mon, 7/30/07 1:58 PMon weekends in the absence of admin.
3.Mon, 7/30/07 8:29 PMNo line responsibilities; this is a staff position currently.
4.Mon, 7/30/07 9:12 PMnot currently employed Some of my jobs have required supervision
5.Mon, 7/30/07 10:07 PMI'm the designee when my manager is away and participate in managers' staff meetings and other cross functional/inter-departmental teams, that make decisions which impact the library.
6.Wed, 8/1/07 8:33 PMOnly if I am the senior staff member on duty, which only happens very occasionally
7.Wed, 8/1/07 10:17 PMwhen I serve as chair of the dept. I technically am a supervisor. In reality the library staff manage themselves.
8.Wed, 8/1/07 11:47 PMagain, unemployed...
9.Thu, 8/2/07 12:37 PMI advide my colleagues because I am more involved with our e-resources, but I do not formally supervise my colleagues.
10.Sat, 8/4/07 3:57 PMWhen employed, usually not.
11.Mon, 8/6/07 12:01 AMShare superisory activities with others.
12.Mon, 8/6/07 2:31 AMagainst being a manager of any kind
13.Wed, 8/8/07 6:35 PMI have in the past, will be doing so again shortly
14.Thu, 8/9/07 11:38 PMCo-ordinate C+YA services - colleagues p/t with similar qualifications. We all report to the same Team Leader. Am responsible for the area, collection and services, but not the staff.
15.Fri, 8/10/07 1:25 PMNo, but I'm sorely tempted to move to the "dark side"
16.Tue, 8/14/07 1:35 PMSupervised for many years - no longer do
17.Mon, 8/20/07 2:47 PMI frequently train others