In addition to publishing content on your blog, do you publish in the professional literature? (Choose all that apply)
#Response DateComment
1.Mon, 7/30/07 2:46 AMPeer reviewed conference paper
2.Mon, 7/30/07 4:35 AMI have written for other websites and guest-blogged for other people.
3.Mon, 7/30/07 5:07 AMpeer reviewed conference paper for a national conference
4.Mon, 7/30/07 12:57 PMpeer reviewed conference paper to appear in proceedings
5.Mon, 7/30/07 1:18 PMPublished article with
6.Mon, 7/30/07 1:33 PMam writing 2 books with publisher contracts
7.Mon, 7/30/07 1:52 PMwebsite and book reviews in some journals
8.Mon, 7/30/07 1:52 PMI am hoping to; have written and presented at conferences since beginning my current blog
9.Mon, 7/30/07 4:00 PMI have articles under review in national, peer-reviewed publications
10.Mon, 7/30/07 4:16 PMI recorded a podcast for School Library Journal
11.Mon, 7/30/07 5:29 PMIndustry publications like Information Today
12.Mon, 7/30/07 5:36 PMtenure-track librarian with expectation to publish, but no published articles as yet
13.Mon, 7/30/07 5:57 PMContributed to a chapter of an as-yet unpublished book
14.Mon, 7/30/07 6:22 PMFilled out a detailed survey that became part of a book--Curating Oral History by Nancy Mackay
15.Mon, 7/30/07 6:27 PMNot yet. Research is part of the job, just not a part I've accomplished yet.
16.Mon, 7/30/07 7:24 PMI have published one children's book (work for hire) and a few articles, but none in library-related publications
17.Mon, 7/30/07 7:45 PMwirte articles in wikipedia
18.Mon, 7/30/07 7:58 PMI have an article accepted for publication in October 2007 in a peer-reviewed journal
19.Mon, 7/30/07 8:14 PMMy paper will be published in a state peer-reviewed library publication this year.
20.Mon, 7/30/07 10:11 PMI have not published yet, though I speak frequently at SLA-Southern California chapter professional development events
21.Mon, 7/30/07 11:24 PMConference papers
22.Tue, 7/31/07 12:29 AMPublsihed in peer-reviewed conferences (as is common in computing).
23.Tue, 7/31/07 1:16 PMI have written a published book, but not in the library area
24.Tue, 7/31/07 1:51 PMAm working on it, expect to be published in peer-reviewed and local publications in 2008
25.Tue, 7/31/07 3:35 PMI have been published in an online journal.
26.Tue, 7/31/07 3:45 PMI edit/publish a paper newsletter to which I often contribute
27.Tue, 7/31/07 5:05 PMI am currently conducting research
28.Tue, 7/31/07 6:23 PMI have published a book review in a library newsletter
29.Tue, 7/31/07 6:31 PMI have contributed essays to published books that are not strictly library-related, and assisted with editing a history book.
30.Tue, 7/31/07 8:29 PMI have also published in non-library publications
31.Tue, 7/31/07 10:18 PMworking on getting published in a peer-reviewed journal, but haven't yet.
32.Wed, 8/1/07 1:45 AMI've written professionally but not in librarianship
33.Wed, 8/1/07 4:55 AMConference Proceedings
34.Wed, 8/1/07 3:26 PMI review kids and YA books for several professional library publications
35.Wed, 8/1/07 5:40 PMa VERY long time ago, national journal
36.Wed, 8/1/07 8:41 PMUniversity publication (Bishop's University, Canada)
37.Wed, 8/1/07 10:05 PMTechnically it's a not, but I have only been a librarian for 8 months, and I'm working on several manuscripts.
38.Wed, 8/1/07 11:50 PMI want to... does this count?
39.Thu, 8/2/07 2:38 AMFor two years, I also wrote a non-librarian-oriented, general interest column for Fox News Online
40.Thu, 8/2/07 12:39 PMI am in the process, but have not yet published.
41.Thu, 8/2/07 6:27 PMI have published a paper from a LIS meeting
42.Thu, 8/2/07 10:06 PMI write book reviews for a local review journal.
43.Fri, 8/3/07 1:17 AMLetters to the editor
44.Fri, 8/3/07 10:59 AMI have contributed a chapter to a book which is in press, and am producing a scholarly edition of a literary text for publication next year.
45.Fri, 8/3/07 3:25 PMI have in the past
46.Sat, 8/4/07 6:13 PMI would like to write professionally in the future
47.Sun, 8/5/07 3:07 AMI have a personal goal of publishing in a professional journal within the next year.
48.Sun, 8/5/07 3:18 PMI am currently preparing my first article for Library Media Connection.
49.Sun, 8/5/07 11:43 PMI have published conference proceedings (not peer-reviewed)
50.Mon, 8/6/07 1:26 AMI contribute book reviews to professional selection journals.
51.Mon, 8/6/07 8:08 PMI am co-writing a book to be published in 2008
52.Mon, 8/6/07 9:40 PMI was once published about in professional literature.
53.Tue, 8/7/07 12:41 AMI'm working on publishing, but am just finishing my second year as a librarian & don't have any professional publications yet.
54.Tue, 8/7/07 6:47 PMarticles in newsletters distributed to employer's clients
55.Wed, 8/8/07 6:40 PMHave written a chapter for a book. Unknown if it will be published.
56.Thu, 8/9/07 12:40 AMBook Reviews and Encyclopedia articles
57.Thu, 8/9/07 3:27 PMI create websites for my library, brochures and information packets, etc.
58.Fri, 8/10/07 4:40 AMchoice reviews
59.Fri, 8/10/07 8:49 AMconference publications and peer-reviewed articles in our repository
60.Fri, 8/10/07 1:27 PMLots of presentations and published in one state level assoc. "Proceedings"
61.Sun, 8/12/07 5:11 PMI've been asked to write for a couple state publications but haven't worked up the nerve yet to start
62.Wed, 8/15/07 6:40 PMopen source journal (shame on you for not adding this! :)
63.Mon, 8/20/07 6:54 AMI am writing a book - soon to be published; I am also contributing a chapter - soon to be published