What is the primary way that you read blog content?
#Response DateComment
1.Mon, 7/30/07 4:13 AMFeed reader in my email client Thunderbird
2.Mon, 7/30/07 11:13 AMI read professional blogs via MyYahoo, and entertainment via Bloglines (50/50). When a post looks good I visit the blog!
3.Mon, 7/30/07 8:00 PMI read blogs in a Web browser RSS aggregator (Internet Explorer 7)
4.Mon, 7/30/07 9:43 PMRSS feeds tabbed in my bookmarks file on FireFox
5.Tue, 7/31/07 2:00 AMFirefox
6.Tue, 7/31/07 8:31 PMI have about half in iGoogle and half in MyYahoo (at least fifty total)
7.Wed, 8/1/07 8:04 AMThunderbird, guess it's answer #3
8.Wed, 8/1/07 8:08 AMboth desktop and web-based aggregators, and I also use netvibes
9.Wed, 8/1/07 10:22 PMI have a row of rss feeds on my firefox browser for the main blogs I follow.
10.Thu, 8/2/07 2:40 AMI do both individual visits to blogs and Bloglines subscriptions
11.Thu, 8/2/07 12:40 PMI alternate between going to the blogs and reading my RSS aggregator.
12.Sat, 8/4/07 5:55 PMlivejournal feeds (like a web-based rss aggregator but slightly different)
13.Sun, 8/5/07 11:44 PMI read blogs in a browser-based RSS aggregator
14.Mon, 8/6/07 12:49 AMI follow different tags and topics through Technorati and del.icio,us. I follow my del.icio.us network.
15.Mon, 8/6/07 10:55 PMRead blogs aggregated on social bookmarking page (delicious)
16.Tue, 8/14/07 7:33 PMsagefeeds firefox plugin
17.Thu, 8/16/07 8:44 PMTeacherlibrarianNing