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Wikimania 2006

Meredith Gorran Farkas
Norwich University
mfarkas at norwich dot edu
August 5 , 2006

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The Wiki

Library Success Wiki


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Setting Up the Wiki

Spam protection

Organizational schemes and seeding the wiki

Marketing the wiki


1. Very little marketing was done

2. Via my blog

3. Approaching people with Web-based collections that are out-of-date

4. Encouraging people to create their own topics



Maintenance: The wiki gardener

Like a garden, wikis don't maintain themselves

Two ways to manage a wiki: community management model or wiki gardener model.


How'd it go?

Great! Front page had 109,099 views as of July 26, 2006.

Many very well developed pages.

People adding collections

People adding stuff bit by bit as they discover interesting things or have ideas.

Tips for new wiki creators


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Meredith Gorran Farkas
Distance Learning Librarian
Norwich University
mfarkas at norwich dot edu
AIM: librarianmer
Information Wants To Be Free

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