This year, my husband and I hosted Thanksgiving for the first time and it was a rousing success. Here is a picture of the table before the guests arrived.
Thanksgiving table

And here’s me (or part of me) setting the table.
Thanksgiving table

My mother-in-law is quite the gourmet, and my father is quite picky, so any praise from either of them is high praise.

We got our first tree (ever!) last night. We both grew up in families where we never had trees, so the stupid questions we asked the tree guy were quite amusing. Ok, I didn’t know they needed water! 🙂 As we carried it home, I discovered that my skin seems to be allergic to the tree (my father says it’s my punishment for buying a tree as a Jew, lol) and I broke out in hives. But I think it turned out beautifully for a first attempt, and I smile every time I go into our dining room now.
Our tree

Our ornaments

Now back to your regularly scheduled library-related program. 🙂