Wow, that was a bad movie. Every cheesy action movie and librarian cliche were stunningly in evidence, and I really feel that I should strongly caution Noah Wylie not to quit his day job at ER after this season (BIG mistake) . Cheesy can oftentimes be funny, but, in my opinion, this really wasn’t funny. Was the writer sitting around watching Indiana Jones one day and thought, what if I made a movie like Indiana Jones, only the main character was completely geeky and needed the help of a sexy woman (because an attractive woman can cover up any holes in a plotline)? He could be a librarian, because, you know, librarians are totally geeky!

The highlight of the movie, in my opinion was when he said he could create an RSS feed for the library (and that may be a sign of what a nerd I am or how truly bad this movie was). If this is the “hero” we librarians get, I think I’d rather we stay off the silver screen, thanks very much.