I don’t know what I could say that hasn’t already been said about the disaster in southeast Asia on Sunday. It is a tragedy beyond my comprehension — easily the worst thing that has ever happened in my lifetime. So many tens of thousands of people of all ages and from all walks of life… my mind can’t wrap around the idea that so many could die in a moment, with no warning. I donated money to Doctors without Borders, but it doesn’t stop me from ruminating over the enormity of what happened and feeling for those who lost so much. It makes me appreciate what I have, knowing that it can be taken away from me without a moment’s notice. I may not have a job right now and my future may be uncertain, but I have lived such a fortunate life so far compared to so many. I get so annoyed or angry about stupid things that mean so little in the great big scheme of things. We all take some things (or people) for granted. Life and love are too fragile and precious to be taken lightly. I will try and remember that from now on and will keep the victims and family and friends of the victims in my heart.