From Extension 337 [via Tame the Web], comes 10 Reasons why Nonprofits Should Use RSS. The post lists some very good reasons why RSS is a much better way to get news and information out and connect with interested users/patrons/clients/etc. than most traditional methods (newsletters, unsolicited or solicited emails, etc.). I’m just reproducing the basic list here, but there are some very useful comments and suggestions that make the whole thing worth checking out:

1. It’s a ridiculously easy way to read the web.
2. It’s ridiculously easy to discover relevant information.
3. It’s ridiculously easy to share the information you get.
4. It’s ridiculously easy to participate in conversations.
5. It’s ridiculously easy to control your own subscriptions.
6. It’s ridiculously easy to allow people to trade your good content like it’s a baseball card.
7. It’s ridiculously easy for other people to lend you a bit of their web real estate.
8. It’s ridiculously easy to avoid being a spammer.
9. It’s ridiculously easy to contribute to web-wide conversations.
10. It’s only just beginning.

The author also includes some links to good introductions to RSS. A great post to print out and give to your library director or other nonprofit decision-makers.