Has anyone else just noticed that Skype has been mentioned a whole bunch over the past few days? I’ve now heard about it from Steven Cohen, Library Web Chic, Dave’s Blog, and Tame the Web. However, I’ve been hearing about it for many, many months now as my husband uses it to talk with his programmers (who are living in Spain and Vancouver right now). When he first started using it, he thought it was the best thing since sliced bread and couldn’t stop extolling its virtues. I thought it was great too, but when I saw it only entering the library blogosphere now, I thought hmmm… maybe my husband is ahead of the technology curve. Maybe he could be helpful in pointing people to cool technologies before they become “mainstream”. So I’ve asked him to make a list of five cool tech things for 2005. I’ll publish it as soon as he gives it to me. Maybe he could even contribute to my blog once in a while, as his knowledge about computers far exceeds mine. No pressure, Adam!