Curious about what a library web manager does in an average day? Dave King offers us a glimpse into his work at the Kansas City Public Library:

  • Checked email, bloglines, news sites (I really need to aggregate some news feeds). I did this constantly throughout the day.
  • Met with supervisor about different projects – once formally in her office, a couple more times informally around the office.
  • Added our new interim executive director’s name and email to our contact us page (still need to check the spelling…).
  • Had email and phone discussions with reference staff about a tax season article for our website.
  • Read about WebTrends 7 on their website.
  • We filter – I checked some unblocking requests to see if the sites were porn or not… they were so they stayed blocked (how do you like that for a line in my job description?).
  • Started working on the 2005-2006 web budget.
  • Went for coffee.
  • Updated text on a page and closed the helpdesk ticket (we track all IT requests).
  • Discussed possible presentation ideas for an upcoming presentation, and sent proposals.
  • Started designing a new website – did that the rest of the day (ate lunch somewhere in here, too). Involved creating and editing images, looking at CSS books and hacking CSS off our public website’s style sheet, and working in Dreamweaver.

Not the world’s most glamorous job, but it sounds pretty great to me! I wish more librarians would write things like this. It’s one thing to read a job description, but another to see what a person in that position really does day-to-day.