The Linux Librarian has a great post on why open source and blogging are so great:

This is why open source works. From my comments, from yesterday, from James Robertson:

I’m the main BottomFeeder developer. What system are you trying the app on?
What specific version did you try? Thanks

This is why open source works. Ever get Bill Gates answering a blog post of yours because you were having a problem with Word?

Now, I don’t know if my BottomFeeder problems are specific to me (they probably are) or are, less likely, bugs. But I’m really frickin’ impressed. If these are bugs, they’ve now been caught and will be fixed in an upcoming release. Or maybe someone with more coding skills than I (read: any coding skills) can do it themselves now. And contribute. Or roll their own.

I had the developer of TSEP (the Search Engine Project) get in touch with me as well. If you have any suggestions for hacks or that sort of thing, get in touch with him.

The beauty of it all is, we’re all in this together.

And that, friends, is definitely a beautiful thing.