I just want to thank everyone who wrote me with insights and suggestions for my presentation. I have received so many wonderful emails over the past week from my colleagues. And a special thanks to Steven Cohen and Paul Pival for getting the word out for me. 🙂 What I love most about blogging is the fact that I have gotten to know so many amazing and passionate people in this field. And it is gratifying to know that while they have influenced me tremendously, my writing may also have influenced them. Whether people agree with me or not, I’m just happy to be part of the dialogue. I am so passionate about online community-building in this field. I remember when I started blogging, I never thought I’d become a part of a community. I just wanted to write about the things that interest me in librarianship. But I really do feel part of an online community of bloggers and those who comment on blogs. It’s like the self-organizing behavior in chaos theory. Here we all are at our individual computers across the world and somehow an organization (a community) develops out of our individual efforts. It’s something I get really excited about.

So thanks again everyone for your responses. I pretty much finished the presentation. 2/3 of it is actually done as a screencast with audio in order to demonstrate screencasting while also teaching about the other technologies I’m discussing. I’ll talk more about my experiences with Captivate later. Just know that I love getting comments and emails from my colleagues and I really enjoy a good dialogue about all this stuff.