I got back early Saturday morning from my interview trip and slept on-and-off all day. Travelling across time zones and the time change have really messed up my sleep cycle. The interview went quite well! I feel like I developed a good rapport with everyone I met and nothing disastrous happened with my presentations. Of course I was only as good as my competition, but I know I did the best I could and am happy with my performance. Best of all, I really liked the library and everyone I met there. Everyone was so smart, committed, and open to change. It was very clear to me that the culture at the library was all about innovation. People there were not afraid of technology and were interested in keeping up with their users. Not everyone there was tech-savvy, but they all wanted to learn. The Dean of Libraries was interested in radically re-thinking the library and its web presence in order to meet the needs of its users. It seemed like a great fit for me.

So… we’ll see what happens.