I have been wanting to own a dog since I moved away from home — and our family dog — to attend college in Connecticut. This desire has only intensified as the years have passed. I have frequent dreams about owning a dog and I’ve even named him/her (Riley). All of my close friends and family have taken to calling golden retrievers “Rileys” as they are all quite familiar with my dream of owning one. Unfortunately, I’ve been living a somewhat unsettled existence since college and never felt that it would be fair to get a dog when I was either living in a very small apartment or didn’t have time to give it the attention it deserved. Adam and I promised ourselves that we would get a dog when I finally get a permanent job. So this is a big part of what motivates me in the dog search… I mean job search.

In the meantime, Adam was kind enough to get me a soft furry “substitute”. Last night, we went to the grand opening of my sister-in-law’s new store in Deerfield, Tied With a Bow, and we ended up coming home from her store with this:


Sheeples and Adam

OK, it’s not a Riley, but you’ve got to admit, it’s pretty cute!