The June issue of Walt Crawford’s Cite & Insights is out with some interesting articles, particularly those about the open access movement and the broadcast flag. What surprised me was that there were two mentions of my blog in this issue. Wow!!! I guess I’m still surprised that people even read my blog, so I get very excited to see my name in print. In case anyone is interested in reading the posts Walt mentioned in his journal, I thought I’d provide direct links.

The first mention was in relation to a survey-type post about wikis that I’d written back in February. This was mainly about the discussion of the usefulness of the wikipedia and some possible applications of wikis in the library world (one which I’ve obviously explored with the ALA Chicago 2005 Wiki). The second mention was in relation to a post I’d written called “Good advice for begining bloggers” that provided links to a number of other useful posts for people trying to find their voice in the blogosphere. I can’t stress enough the importance of finding your voice and finding issues that you are passionate about discussing, because this is what distinguishes bloggers who write for a few months and bloggers who keep it up for years and years. You can’t keep up the enthusiasm for any significant period of time if you’re only writing about the latest meme in the library or blog world.

I must apologize for not writing a whole lot this week. I have family visiting for my birthday and am trying to prepare a presentation for an interview I have in 2 weeks. Getting this interview was definitely the best birthday present I’ve gotten so far as it’s a position I feel very qualified for and I’d be working on things I feel passionately about. It’s also in an area where Adam and I would be beyond thrilled to live. An even better birthday present would be getting the job, but you’ve got to celebrate the little victories too! 🙂 I know it’s only a matter of time until I get a job, but I do hope I find something where I can work with technology in some form and can really make a difference. I’ve got too much passion to let it go to waste.