What I love best about wikis is that their content is not limited to the imagination of just a few people (like most websites are). Anyone can add new sections and content to the wiki that they think people would find useful. From the Curmudgeony Librarian’s rethinking of the Calendar of Events to Andrea’s rockin’ guide to finding wifi in Chicago, other people have added some incredible content to the ALA Wiki. It’s so much better than any web guide I could have created alone. If you know anyone who might have some useful information to add to the wiki, get them on it! I really hope this wiki helps people to get quickly oriented to Chicago and to the Conference. Both can definitely be overwhelming. Hopefully this wiki can be a model for more “official” efforts at future conferences.

Thanks to Steven Cohen’s brilliant mind, we now have a section in the wiki where people can post their schedules for the ALA Conference. Mine is still a bit incomplete and is subject to change as I see what other people are doing.

I’m very excited to finally meet many of my online blogging peeps for the first time! If you’re going to the Conference, let me know, because I’m really hoping to chat with a lot of progressive, tech-forward types there. If anyone needs advice on Chicago beyond what is in the wiki, I’d be glad to try and help, though I am by no means an expert on the area. I also created a new section of the wiki called Questions from Newbies, since I’ve been getting lots of emails with Conference-related questions and I don’t think I’m always the best person to be answering them. It’s funny how people think the person who writes a wiki is the authority on all of the subjects in the wiki (far from it!!!). It’s reminds me of when someone comes to the reference desk thinking that librarians should know literally every book in the library. If only… 🙂