Early Wednesday morning, I’ll be leaving for Vermont, my new job and new home. Since this is a transitional time in my life, I thought it would only be appropriate to get some feedback from my readers to determine whether or not my blog needs to change as well. While I first started writing this blog for myself, I wouldn’t bother writing it now if I thought it was not useful (or at least entertaining) to the people reading it.

Obviously my blog is going to change to some extent as my life situation has changed. I’m not going to write about my experiences looking for a job in this terrible market. Instead, I’ll write about the interesting things I’m doing at work and will use those experiences to talk about larger issues in the profession. Just like with my postings on the job hunt, there will be a level of diplomacy and I will not use my blog as a passive-aggressive platform for ranting.

But I don’t even know if that’s the sort of stuff you all want to hear about. Maybe you’re more interested in software reviews. Maybe you like the more tech-related posts. Or maybe you’d like to see interviews with really cool new librarians who are doing amazing things at their libraries. So I designed a survey to get an idea about who my readers are and what they are interested in reading about. It shouldn’t take more than a minute or two to fill out and the results will help me to get a better idea about what you all want to see on the blog.

When you blog, you’re basically throwing your writing out into the universe with little sense of whether or not it’s the sort of thing that people want to read. Some posts get comments and get linked to, which gives you some idea of what people thought of them. But the ones that don’t… who knows? So if you can, please fill out the survey so I can get a better idea about what works and what doesn’t on this blog. Thanks!