Michael Stephens’ blogger survey is up and running. Here’s what it’s all about:

The purpose of this research study is to help better understand the motivations of librarians who write independent Weblogs about libraries, technology or their experiences in libraries. It seeks to identify who, exactly, are the “blog people” of librarianship. There will be some questions about frequency of posts as well as questions about tools for information gathering and collaboration.

I’ve taken it (give yourself about 30 minutes for it), and I think we’re going to get some very interesting information from the results of these questions. Take Michael Stephens’ survey here.

While filling out the demographic portion of his survey, I remembered all of the annoyed comments I got from people because I didn’t put every conceivable job description and library type as an option in my survey (and in spite of the fact that I had a place where they could enter it themselves). Michael also put up an “other” box where you can write in whatever sort of job you have, so don’t go and get mad at him because he didn’t put in “corporate librarian” or “solo librarian” or “zoological librarian” or whatever you are. It can be very discouraging when you try to do something that you think will be good for the community and all you get are complaints over little things. Be nice to my friend, ok?