HigherEd BlogCon is a totally online conference exploring the new technologies being used in higher education. I am thrilled to announce that I am going to be chairing the Library and Information Resource track for the conference and am excited about getting submissions from librarians who are thinking about the future of social software and other technologies for librarianship in higher education.

Update: I also wanted to announce that the brilliant Michelle Boule of the University of Houston will be assisting me with the Library and Information Resource track as my Section Editor/”wing man”. Thanks Michelle!

Here are the other tracks and the excellent professionals who are chairing those tracks:

The conference is being sponsored by Thomson Peterson’s and ProfNet and is modeled after GlobalPRBlogWeek. The entire conference will take place on a blog in April 2006, and hopefully will include presentations in a variety of formats (text, audio, video).

I’d really like to the Library and Information Resources Track be a roadmap for Library 2.0. What does the 2.0 Library look like and what do we need to do to get there? What competencies does a 2.0 Librarian need to be successful? What tools are most important to a 2.0 library’s Web presence? How will we need to change our library systems to allow for seamless access and user participation? A lot of people are talking about the application of Web 2.0 in libraries, and I’d really like to see concretely how people envision these ideas taking shape. I’d love to see presentations in a variety of formats (screencasts, podcasts, etc.) to appeal to the diverse range of learning styles, since that’s certainly a big part of Library 2.0.

We’re doing our planning on a wiki (woo hoo!), so feel free to check it out and give us your thoughts. A formal call for presenters will be coming soon.

Thanks to Dan Karleen and Dan Forbush for putting this together!

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