Doug Geiger, a reader of Information Wants to be Free whom I’ve been IM-ing with since last year, IM-ed and asked if I would post this request my blog. While I don’t usually advertise things on here, I can’t imagine having to deal with medical expenses on top of the physical and psychological pain something like this brings. It hurts my heart to think of this:

A friend of mine, Steve Barker, is the youth pastor for Grace Community Church (in Detroit). A couple days ago his brother was in a really serious car accident in Canada. At least for now it appears as though he may be paralized from the chest down. The family is doing pretty good right now, but if you have ever been near someone in a serious medical situation, you know that the incidentals and travel can be very expensive.

I set up a paypal account for Mike (Steve’s brother) and ALL of the proceeds will go directly to him (Paypal does take a small cut of the gross). There is a link to the fund on my blog you can go to once this one gets bumped by other stories. If you would like to stay posted on the situation check here. Please consider donating a few dollars; also be sure to leave a note of encouragement. An exerpt of the incident is included below the fold. to donate to read more

Even if you can’t donate, please consider posting a comment on the blog about him. His brother writes “I know that many of you don’t know him personally, but don’t let that discourage you from sending a note. He has been moved by people he doesn’t even know, just because they took the time to comment.”

Who would have thought 15 years ago that we’d be using a computer to reach out and touch someone’s life?