I got this email about LOEX 2008 Encore from Catherine Pellegrino at Saint Mary’s College and wanted to spread the word:

The annual LOEX conference is trying something new as an experiment this year: three of their breakout sessions will be presented as live, interactive webcasts a few weeks after the conference: http://www.loexconference.org/2008/virtualsessions.htm
I think this is a terrific idea, and addresses two distinct issues with LOEX: first, the number of people who want to go but can’t because registration is capped at a certain number of attendees; and second, the inevitable problem of too many good sessions scheduled against one another at the conference itself. It’s also great for anyone who can’t go to the conference due to funding or travel restrictions, library school students, etc.

The virtual sessions will take place between May 20 – 22nd, and registration for it will open up tomorrow (April 29th) at 1pm ET. Registration is reserved for LOEX members or those who are attending or were wait listed for the LOEX conference this year.

It’s really nice to see conferences experimenting with the development online components for those who are unable to attend, and it’s especially nice to see opportunities like this offered at such reasonable prices. LOEX is definitely a conference I hope to get to next year in my new role as Head of Instructional Initiatives.