When I looked at my page stats (which this time actually told me that someone other than my husband was reading my blog – woo hoo!) I found that people in Denmark had visited my site. I actually studied in Copenhagen for almost a year, and I think it is one of the best places in the world to live. If it weren’t for my family, I’d probably have done just about anything to have been able to stay there. Denmark is very progressive on just about every issue (other than immigration). They have a wonderful public library system and their Royal Library is a magical place to visit. Here are two articles about Danish libraries. The first, An Extended Hand to Integration, discusses public library services for immigrants and minorities in Denmark. The second, Developing a New Cooperative Culture: Denmark’s Research Library, describes Denmark’s national digital library.

For anyone thinking of visiting Europe, I know Denmark is not the first destination that pops into most people’s minds, but it really is a lovely place to visit where the food is delicious, the people are friendly (and virtually all speak English), the history is rich, the historical buildings (lots of castles!) are gorgeous, and the mood is laid back. And if you do go, be sure to visit La Glace for a hot chocolate and tell me all about it (my gosh, how I miss that hot chocolate!).

I actually had a friend when I was in Denmark who was studying at the library school (this was back in 1998). If any of you Danes know Iris Graessner, tell her I said “hej!” Obviously this is as ridiculous as my family in Spain asking me if I personally knew Julio Iglesias (because we both live in Florida), but once in a while you find it’s really a pretty small world after all.