Just about every day, I learn about some other cool use for new technologies that makes my head spin. And I love it. :) Alan Levine (of cogdogblog) has been interviewing librarians and other techies via skype for an article about recent trends in Internet audio. Here, he writes about what he used to do it. In his interviews, he asks his subjects if they use portable digital technology and how they can see digital audio being used in an educational context. Some of the podcasts of his interviews can be found here. It’s great to ask these questions about the practical applications of these bleeding edge technologies. It’s so easy to get excited about new technologies that are fun for us to use, but sometimes we forget to think about how they can actually be used in libraries. Not that there’s anything wrong with things just being fun for us!

I found all this via one of Levine’s interviewees, Sherri Vokey, who has a pretty great library blog at schwagbag.