I’ll admit that I was initially somewhat indifferent to podcasting. I’m not sure why… maybe I thought it was just a flash in the pan and would disappear as quickly as it appeared. Or because I’m not currently driving anywhere and I can’t listen to things and read/write at the same time. Well, I’m willing to admit that I was wrong. So very, very wrong. Podcasting is great! The more podcasts I listen to and the more I read about the possible practical applications, the more excited I get. Things like Cubcast.com, ITConversations, Open Stacks and Grape Radio, are quite professional, entertaining, and far more interesting than anything I’d hear on the radio. If This American Life and Car Talk started offering their shows in the mp3 format (for free), I’d never turn on the radio again. I could just design my own public radio schedule on my iPod with all of the cool radio stuff and podcasts that interest me (and without Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me). 😉

Blogging has made scholarly communication possible outside of conferences and journals. Podcasting brought that to a new level. I will definitely compile my own great podcasting broadcast schedule for my flight down to my interview at the end of the month.

Not that you’re going to see (er… hear) me doing any podcasts. Well… I’d never say never, but I’m really not a big fan of my own voice, so I’d rather just stick to this medium (or perhaps screencasting if there is something I could demonstrate better with that medium). But I will definitely be an avid listener and advocate for this ultra-cool medium.