My day didn’t really get started until mid-afternoon, but boy was the latter half of the day fabulous! You know when you’re around people who just “get it”? People you don’t have to sell on blogging and new technologies and change? Well, I had the pleasure of being in a room entirely filled with people who “get it.” It must have been what the ugly duckling felt like when he finally found swans and said “so that’s where I belong!” Wow! To talk in person with other people who blog and who are really passionate about all of these collaborative technologies is a pleasure I rarely have (I usually just get blank stares or humoring smiles when I talk about this stuff). And to have Michael Stephens tell me an idea I had was “hot” had to have been the highlight of my year. I think so highly of him and everything he does. The main reason I was interested in going to ALA was so that I could meet fellow library bloggers. So far, I’ve been blown away by their passion and their wonderful personalities. Let’s face it, I’m a bit starstruck.

Motley Crew of Bloggers
A motley crew of bloggers (From L-R: Luke of lbr weblog, Chad of Hidden Peanuts, Aaron of Walking Paper, Laura of Library RFID, me, Sherri of ::schwagbag::, and Michael of Tame the Web).

Tomorrow I’m spending the whole day at McCormick chatting up vendors, picking up free goodies and going to programs. I’m dying to see Kent Haruf, one of my favorite authors (if you haven’t read Plainsong or Eventide, you are really missing some of the best writing of the past 50 years). If anyone wants to hook up with me at McCormick, leave me a message at one of those kiosk dealies.