Andrea, one of my librarian heroes, has come up with this genius idea for a Librarians and Wesleyan Connection Meetup during ALA. Here is the announcement from the wiki:

Librarians & Wesleyan Connection Meet Up at the PLA President’s Reception, Hyatt Regency Chicago
McCormick Room/Regency Ballroom, 7:30pm.
If you went to Wesleyan, or are somehow associated with Wesleyan, and you happen to be a librarian, meet others like you at the PLA President’s Reception (the reception itself runs from 6:45pm-8pm). I might be wearing a Wes baseball cap, or, alternately, my Library Raid Gear, we’ll see. Email Andrea Mercado for more information.

Wesleyan has the most amazing library for a University of its size and I spent much time wandering through (and sleeping in) the stacks. Old libraries like that have such a magical quality. My decision to become an academic librarian is definitely related to those fond memories I have of Olin Library. I wonder how many other Wes alums were equally inspired by Olin. I graduated from Wes in ’99 and would love to share Wesleyan-related stories with other alums/librarians. I know there are a few of us out there! Otherwise, I’ll just have fun hanging with Andrea. 🙂