Here is the Survey of the Biblioblogosphere, as promised. If you write a library blog (personal, professional, official, unofficial, part of a community, in any language) please visit the survey and represent! I really want to learn more about who is blogging, and I’m way too lazy to go through every blog like Walt did. And a survey will result in different statistics; some that one would not be able to glean from looking at a person’s blog. I have a number of demographic questions about bloggers (age, where they live, where they work, how long they’ve been in the field, at what age they got their MLS, etc.), about their blogs (when they got started, what type of blog it is, what software they use, etc.), and about their attitudes towards change and their workplace. I plan to publish the statistics on my blog as soon as the reponses stop coming in.

Those who commented on my post the other day brought up some very good questions that I should ask in the survey I was creating. Dave Hook was interested in knowing the number of people who “read library blogs vs the number of people who write library blogs”. This is a statistic I’m geniunely interested in knowing as it demonstrates the true impact of the biblioblogosphere, but it’s one that I can’t really cover in a survey of bloggers. I’m only looking at those who write blogs and it would be much more difficult to collect data on those who read blogs. Laura Crossett wanted to know about linking behaviors, and I think it would be really great to know how often and why people link to other sources. However, I didn’t want this survey to be too long, so I hope someone else will come up with a survey that investigates linking behavior. Joy wanted to know what library school people went to, but it wasn’t really practical to list all of the library schools and I certainly didn’t want to make the survey just about the U.S. Her suggestion gave me the good idea to find out what part of the U.S., Canada, or the world librarians are blogging from. It might be interesting to see what countries or regions have strong concentration of library bloggers. I know I’ve seen a good number of library blogs from Brazil, so I’m hoping that people from all over the world take part in this survey. Alane had a brilliant idea about getting some sense of people’s openness to change, and I created two questions that I hope will get to the heart of people’s attitudes about innovation, technology, and their places of work. It’s pretty difficult to gauge such things in two questions.

So let’s get to it! The more of you who participate, the more accurately the results will paint a picture of the biblioblogophere.