Is your library doing something exciting with social software? Do you know of a library or a librarian who is doing cool stuff with social software? The applications could either be for their patrons or for the profession.

I’m looking for the best examples out there to highlight in my book. I’d love to see how libraries are using social software to communicate, collaborate, educate and create community online with their patrons. I’m also going to be interviewing a few “exemplars” for part of the book, so I’d love to get an idea of what you all think are the best applications of social software in libraries.

By social software, I mean blogs, wikis, Web services, rss, photo sharing, social networking/online communities, social bookmarking/tagging, podcasting, screencasting, virtual reference of any kind (SMS, IM, etc.), mobile apps, and gaming.

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libraries, library, social software, screencasting, wiki, web services, rss, photo sharing, social networking, online communities, social bookmarking, tagging, podcasting, sms, IM reference, virtual reference, gaming