IMG_1912My dog, Delta, died on Monday. She’d had heart problems for some time, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at her. And she certainly never knew she was sick, energetic as she was. When it came to food, she would run and jump like a puppy. I guess that’s why it’s so hard for me to accept. She was just fine the day before she died and then she wasn’t and there was nothing anyone could do.

I first met Delta the day she was born. I was 13. I picked her out and I brought her home, in spite of my parents’ lack of interest in getting a dog. Delta was so smart, fearless and full of personality. She was such a wonderful companion and a loyal friend. Delta was with me through some of the most important years of my life and so many of my memories involve her in some way. It’s so hard to imagine a world without Delta. I can’t imagine the next time I go back to visit my parents in Florida and Delta doesn’t run over to great me. It’s just so sad. She was my best friend.

I guess this has made me think about what’s important. I’ve been so engrossed in the book and in work that I’ve hardly had time for family and friends. There are friends I haven’t been in touch with in almost a year. I see Adam plenty, but from behind my laptop. I barely leave the computer other than to sleep. Even when I was in Florida for Thanksgiving, I spent too much time on my book and and not enough time with family (especially Delta and my grandparents). If I miss a week’s worth of stuff on Bloglines, will the ceiling come crashing down? If I don’t blog for a few weeks, will people kill me? This all isn’t life or death. Yes, my book has to get done by a certain time, and it will. But I need to put a little more energy into friends, family and my own health. So I apologize if my posts get shorter or if I write less often. But I need to put the people I love and myself first.


Thank you Delta, for reminding me of what’s important. I miss you so much.