Yesterday, Edward Vielmetti, a very committed patron at the Ann Arbor District Library e-mailed me about an amazing idea he has for improving the Library Success Wiki (stay tuned for more on that — it’s so EXCITING!). When I wrote him back, I called him the “AADL Super Patron,” which is very coincidental, since he has been planning to create a blog with almost the same name. Today, Superpatron is live and I’m sure it will quickly be filled with Ed’s terrific ideas about making libraries more responsive to patrons’ needs. So hurry up and subscribe already, ok?

It’s nice to see a library blog coming from a patron’s point of view, especially one who has the passion and the technical background that Ed has. Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in the library profession and the 2.0 talk and all the cool things we want to do, that we may lose sight of our raison d’être — the patrons.

Here’s to every library having a superpatron of their own!