It's back! And this time, it's official!
ALA 2006 New Orleans Wiki

I tried to get out… but they pulled me back in!

No, actually I was thrilled to have been contacted by Mary Ghikas, the Senior Associate Executive Director at ALA, about the possibility of ALA creating an official ALA New Orleans Wiki. After discussing it for a while, we decided that things could probably get done much faster if I set up the wiki on my server. I was more than happy to help make this a reality for the ALA. This is the ALA’s official wiki for the conference; I’m just helping to take care of it. 🙂

If you have any insights about attending ALA Annual conferences or if you know anything about New Orleans, please contribute to the wiki. The more people who add their 2 cents, the more complete a guide the wiki will be for all of us. Whether you are a wiki novice or a wiki expert your input is welcome. For wiki novices, the Wiki Editing Tips page should help you learn how to edit the wiki, but if you have any additional technical questions, add them to the FAQ and either I or someone else will answer your question.

The goal of the wiki is to develop a guide to the conference that reflects the knowledge of ALA’s diverse membership. This wiki will allow everyone, from the ALA Executive Director on down to a new student member, the opportunity to have a voice.