For one chapter in my book on social software in libraries, I’m discussing how librarians can determine which tools are the best for their library and population. To that end, I’ve been interviewing folks who work in all different kinds of libraries (and with different populations) to offer their two cents on which social software applications are the best in their type of library/for their service population.

I just need to do a few more interviews and am looking for volunteers. So if you’re social software savvy, work in one of the following libraries/with one of the following populations, and would like to be in my book, please e-mail me at mgfarkas [at] gmail [dot] com and I’ll send you the specific question. I just need a brief answer, so this wouldn’t require much time on your part. Ok, here are the folks I need:

  • Public librarian – working with children
  • Academic librarian – working with distance learners
  • Law librarian
  • Special librarian – not academic, not corporate

So far, I have an academic librarian who works with on-campus students, a teen librarian, a corporate librarian, a public librarian who primarily works with adults, a medical (hospital) librarian and a school librarian. I know there are plenty of other types of libraries, but I figure that the populations are fairly similar and I don’t want this chapter to be ridiculously long or redundant. If you think I’m being remiss and am missing an important library (population) type that wouldn’t fit into one of these categories, please let me know.

Update: Got volunteers in all areas! Thanks!

Thanks in advance for your help! You rock!