There’s another new blog on the block this week! The Liminal Librarian is written by the inimitable and indomitable Rachel Singer Gordon, one of the best writers in the profession today. For those with limited vocabularies (like me! I didn’t have a clue.) liminality is the state of being “in between,” which pretty accurately describes how many of us Gen-Xers feel in the field. Rachel talks about her blogging plans in this, her first post:

This blog will be devoted to the “in between” — about avoiding the temptation to view hot button issues in black-and-white, about thinking about whether I can still call myself a librarian, even though I’m no longer working in a library, about generational issues and Library 2.0 issues and about our profession itself as being in a liminal state.

Liminality is unsettling, but conveys a sense of possibility and potential — summing up how I feel about both our field and my own place in it.

Welcome to the blogosphere, Rachel!!!