I have been working since November to make HigherEd BlogCon a success. And whatdayaknow? I get the flu, just as the Library and Information Resources week begins. I have been feeling hella-bad since Monday and although I’m definitely a lot better, I’m still only at the level of having a really bad cold. So as a result, I have not been able to do much more than post the presentations and sleep.

But in spite of my almost complete lack of involvement this week, HigherEd BlogCon has been really amazing! We had some tremendous content this week. From narrative presentations, to blog presenstations, to podcasts and screencasts. From think pieces, to discussions of specific applications, to how-to’s. And the beauty of it is that even if you didn’t have time to look at all of the presentations this week, you can still look at them a week from now or a month from now or even further down the road than that! This is the beauty of an online conference where everything is archived. Just visit the HigherEd BlogCon blog any time and you will be able to enjoy some of these truly thought-provoking presentations.

Update: I have learned of one casualty of my fluishness. My apologies to John Blyberg for not putting his name and affiliation on his incredible presentation. It’s fixed now. Thanks Jessamyn for brining it to our attention.

Here are links to all of the presentations. I hope you’ll take a look and add to the conversations already going on there. The presenters are happy to answer any and all questions about their presentations.

Blogging in Libraries

Blogging 101
Susan Herzog
Eastern Connecticut State University

Subject Librarian 2.0? – ‘The Song Remains the Same,’ It’s Just a Cover Song Using New Instruments
Kristin Johnson
California State University, Chico

Blog Applications At a Small Academic Library
Natalie Forshaw
Karen Jensen
Ilana Kingsley
University of Alaska Fairbanks

Podcasting in Libraries

Podcasting 101: the Basics for Librarians
John Iliff

Learning to Speak: Creating a Library Podcast With a Unique Voice
Chris Kretz
Dowling College

Leveraging Web 2.0 Technologies

Blogs, Wikis, and IM: Communication Tools for Subject Specialists
Chad Boeninger
Ohio University

An Online Research Toolkit – Exploring Web 2.0 for Library Research
Rebecca Hedreen
Southern Connecticut State University

Using RSS to Increase User Awareness of E-resources in Academic Libraries
Jay Bhatt
Drexel University

Issues in Libraries

Open Access for Teachers
Dorothea Salo
George Mason University

Upon the Shoulders of Giants – Building Library 2.0 Together, From the Platform Up
Paul Miller

Web 2.0 and the Small College Library: How to take over the World
David Eubanks
Coker College

Making Information Work Harder

Building a “Wall of Books” From a Library Online Catalog
Edward Vielmetti
University of Michigan School of Information

Go Where the Patrons Are: Outreach In the Age of Library 2.0
Jason Griffey
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Google Maps and You: Five Steps To Including a Google Map On Your Website
Chris Deweese
Lewis & Clark Library System

Patrons in the Drivers Seat: Giving Advanced Tool-sets to Library Patrons
John Blyberg
Ann Arbor District Library