I’m not sure why I didn’t mention this earlier (probably out of sheer embarassment – I hate my voice), but I recorded my first podcast last week. Jenny Levine and Michael Stephens asked me to do a podcast on Librarian 2.0 for their L2 Bootcamp. I must say that I was a little surprised to be asked, considering my views on Library 2.0, but I think they were looking for the perspective of someone who is really ensconsed in the day-to-day tasks of a frontline librarian at a pretty average library and thinks about social software from a practical perspective. And I gave them my 2 cents on what I think is important to keep in mind when providing library services in the 21st century. In the podcast, I offer and expand upon five tips for being a successful tech savvy, user-centered, 2.0 librarian in the 21st century:

  1. Embrace change
  2. Question everything
  3. Really figure out what your patrons need and want
  4. Play with technology
  5. Don’t buy into technolust

In addition to my podcast, there’s a real treasure trove of audio content from some really cool librarians (and more to come I’m sure). There are currently podcasts by Jeff Trzeciak, Brian Matthews, Chris Harris and Michael Casey.

If you’re interested in podcasting, don’t miss Greg Schwartz’s upcoming SirsiDynix Institute webinars on podcasting this month. I’m especially excited about the the one for content producers — now that I’m a world-class podcaster, I need to “hone my craft.” 😉 Just kidding. I seriously cannot hear the phrase “hone my craft” without gagging.