When I graduated from FSU with my MLIS, I didn’t come out of it with job searching tips, an alumni network or really any help of any kind in finding a job. The College of Information, as it is now called, wasn’t great with the mentoring, networking, support stuff. So when I saw the Prospectus 2006 from the School of Information Management at Dalhousie University a couple of months ago (thanks Dave!) I was blown away. They’ve created a database for employers to search to find new and soon-to-be library school grads who meet their job requirements. They can search by geographic area, type of work, institution type, date of graduation, languages and keywords. So if you’re looking for a new graduate who wants to live in British Columbia and work as an academic reference librarian who speaks French and has Web design skills, you can actually find someone who meets just those criteria. Employers can then read a brief statement they wrote about themselves as well as view their resume. Cool stuff!

My question is: why aren’t more graduate programs doing stuff like this? It’s bad enough that many library school students don’t know how bad the job market is until they graduate, but it just doesn’t seem like many schools are doing all that much to help them. This really should be a model for other LIS programs to promote their graduating students to potential employers. Nice work Dalhousie SIM!

Are there any other LIS schools doing cool things to promote their students or help them in finding a job after graduation?