While we’re on the subject of wikis, here are some wiki-related links I’ve found recently that I thought you might want to know about:

  • LIS753wiki – Even though they got my name wrong (grrrr…) [update: thanks for fixing it, Laura], the students who developed this class project in Michael Stephens’ GSLIS class created a very nice resource guide for wikis in libraries.
  • Wikis in Education – an incredibly comprehensive resource guide for wikis features definitions, examples, articles, pedagogical implications, and uses in all areas of education including libraries.
  • Wikis in Online Education – a one-page piece (on a wiki, naturally!) about the uses and implications of wikis in online education.
  • The Hive – A long, thoughtful and well-written piece on the Wikipedia from the Atlantic Monthly.
  • Maven Studies: The Ideal Library School ProgramRyan Deschamps’ attempt at developing the perfect library school curriculum. If you thought your library school curriculum wasn’t all it could have been, add your 2 cents to the wiki. I have a feeling that, even with compromising, if everyone adds their 2 cents, the “perfect library school curriculum” would have us going to school for 5 years! Cool idea, Ryan and great use of a wiki.
  • Lit Wiki – Ohio University has done it again! Not as well-developed as Chad’s, but still a very cool developing resource.