Ken Varnum, of RSS4LIB, and I were both speaking at the Dartmouth Biomedical Library’s Fall Conference on Friday, and we were talking about Feed2JS (which I talked about with Paul Pival at IL2006). He told me about an experience he’d had with sploggers using his Feed2JS installation (and bandwidth) to do their dirty work. This is something that hadn’t even ever occurred to me. Fortunately, Ken also told me about a fix for this problem and he also decided to publish this info on his own blog. So, if you do have Feed2JS installed on your own server, you may want to take a look at your Magpie cache and consider implementing the fix.

Ken’s one of those funny people who says that they’re not a coder and then launches into talking about how he used Perl to do really cool things with RSS in a single sentence. 😉 He’s wicked smart and wicked knowledgeable about RSS.