Jennifer Macaulay mentioned today (at least I think it was today — though by the time you see it, it could be three days from now) that she’s noticed her feed isn’t updating very frequently in Bloglines:

This is highly frustrating. But ultimately, I know I wrote a post, so I didn’t worry about it too much. The thought did cross my mind that it probably happens with other blogs as well, but I didn’t have any confirmation. Today, however, there were some references to posts on Library Stuff- and I knew I hadn’t seen them. Currently when I’m logged into Bloglines, it lists Library Stuff as being last updated on October 25 – which is not the case. There have been many posts since the 25th. My own feed is listed as last updated on October 28. This is a problem!!!!

I’ve been noticing this too. I wrote a bunch of posts from Dartmouth on Friday and only the first one showed up on Friday. I wrote additional posts on Saturday and Sunday and still only that one Dartmouth post was showing in Bloglines. Finally, on Monday, the feed updated and there were eight new posts from my blog. On Sunday morning, I wrote to Bloglines to ask them about the problem, but I haven’t heard back from them. Ok, I didn’t expect them to get back to me on Sunday, but it’s now Tuesday and I haven’t heard a peep from them.

I know a very large number of librarians who read feeds use Bloglines and I’ve been a loyal user for years. Have any other people noticed this happening with their blog or someone else’s? How can we have a distributed conversation when pieces of that conversation are not getting through? It seems like some blogs are updating normally and others are taking days for the content to show up in Bloglines. What gives??

Update: A suggestion was made in the comments that I add to the list of sites that WordPress automatically pings when I publish a new post. Well, I did that and published a new post tonight. Several hours later, the post still hasn’t shown up on Bloglines. Sigh…