Nintendo Wii: Meredith’s Mii

Originally uploaded by SirStan.

I have a Mii! I have to say, I thought I could wait until the summer or next Fall to buy a Wii, but after playing it at a friend’s house last night, I’m really starting to get the itch!

Adam bought me a Nintendo DS Lite for the holidays, so hopefully that will help me hold out for a while on the Wii. The DS Lite is really fun and a great tool for boring airplane rides or waiting in line. And for those of us who grew up with the first-gen nintendos and are used to the less complicated game controllers, this is a great blast from the past. They even have a lot of fun old games, like Super Mario Brothers and Tetris! I hear the Wii also plays lots of the classic games.

For a long time I didn’t play much of anything videogame-wise. I found them too complicated and I could never control all of the different buttons on modern controllers. I’m glad to see that Nintendo is going back to its roots and are making games (and systems) that are simple, engaging and fun! I think they will find a good market for these in those of us in our 20’s and 30’s who may have stopped playing video games but pined for the classic NES.