Honeymoon in Big Sur

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My husband, Adam, never likes taking credit for the things he’s done, though he deserves an absolute boatload of it when it come to my successes over the past couple of years. I’m not a naturally confident person, so I doubt I would have accomplish half of what I’ve done without him. He was the one who kept telling me I should start a blog since I had so many strong opinions. He was the one who encouraged me to pursue public speaking and writing a book when I thought I could never do either. He always listens to me practice my talks, even though they must bore him to death. Plus, he can find a solution for any technology problem, which makes me a lot more confident when it comes to experimenting.

Adam made me think I was capable of putting so many of my crazy ideas into practice, like creating wikis or developing an online course to teach about social software. We all have really good ideas marinating in our heads, but we don’t all have an Adam to convince us that we can really make it happen. He’s supportive to an extent I didn’t think possible.

Today is the anniversary of our first date. I remember being impressed by how smart and articulate (and… well… cute!) he was. He was impressed by the fact that I ordered a fried chicken salad and ate most of it, and didn’t comment on his terrible wardrobe (he wore scrubs and t-shirts all the time back then though he wasn’t practicing medicine anymore). After years of not-so-great dating experiences, I never thought I would meet someone like Adam and that a guy like him would like me too. Fortunately for me, he doesn’t realize how wonderful he is.

Adam, you deserve as much credit for any of my successes as I do. You inspire me to be the person you think I am. Happy Anniversary! 🙂