Could you ever have imagined a couple of years ago that a candidate for ALA President would have a campaign video on YouTube??? 🙂

This isn’t why I personally endorsed Jim Rettig for ALA President. Nor is it his very cool blog. I think Jim is a librarian who has not lost touch with the concerns of librarians who are not deans, directors or administrators. He seems fully grounded in the realities of the profession. And most importantly, as I wrote in my endorsement, “Jim has a vision for a more inclusive ALA—one that encourages many different flavors of participation and service. He is just the sort of leader we need to move ALA into the future.”

But I also do like the fact that he isn’t just playing lip service to social software tools. He gets it! And he’s been actively engaged in the blogosphere a long time (I remember him e-mailing me about one of my posts over a year ago).

Please consider voting for Jim Rettig for ALA President.