This week I have joined not one, but two cults. First, I went and bought a MacBook Pro. It was really about time. I have not been able to update Windows on my VAIO since November, which means that I was using what was essentially a ticking time bomb for all sorts of important work. About 6 weeks ago, Adam bought his own MacBook Pro and once I tried it out, I was hooked. I’d never really understood what was so great about Macs, but it’s really just a conglomeration of little things that make it so much more user friendly (and fun!). And can I just tell you how much nicer it is to use Keynote versus PowerPoint. Holy moley!

Then today, I gave in to peer pressure and joined Twitter. It seemed like my friends were having all sorts of fun conversations (as much of a conversation one can have in that medium) on Twitter that I was not a part of and I started to realize that while I may not like the idea of Twitter, you kind of have to go where your friends are. Well you don’t have to, but then you’d be all by your lonesome. Took me a while to really get into IM too. We’ll see if this sticks (I doubt it). If you’re that curious about what I’m up to, feel free to add me.

See! The sheep recognize me as one of their own!

Hey! Get out of there