My good friend, Roy Tennant, has just accepted a sweet job at OCLC, and he didn’t even have to leave Northern CA! I don’t quite understand exactly what he’ll be doing there, but I know that anything he works on is going to be great. OCLC has been making some good hires lately and I can only hope that this will lead to better products, services and innovation.

Roy writes about his new job here:

Certainly change is constant. But there are times of minor changes and times of greater ones. For me and for libraries this is a time of great change. On a personal level, I am leaving the California Digital Library for OCLC. This is bittersweet for me, since I dearly loved my time at CDL and continue to be impressed with the caliber of my colleagues there and what they are accomplishing. But for me it is time to move on to new challenges.

With OCLC I have an incredible opportunity to be active on a broader stage. OCLC is big enough to put libraries on the Internet map in a way that none of us could achieve alone. Open WorldCat is but one example of many. I will be working as a Senior Program Manager with the RLG Programs unit of OCLC Research and Programs. I will report to Jim Michalko, who in turn reports to Lorcan Dempsey. I have met virtually all of the top management team at OCLC and I’ve been very impressed. They know where things are heading and they’re determined to position libraries in a way that will do us the most good.

There are a lot of people I admire in this profession, but none more than I admire Roy Tennant. He is the embodiment of class and generosity (on top of being a first-rate speaker and writer whom I have tried to emulate in both of those arenas). I have been so lucky to benefit from his mentoring, support and friendship. OCLC is damn lucky to have him and I hope they know it.