Way to go Gary Price for getting the electronic and non-book resources libraries offer the attention they deserve in the mainstream tech media!

“Steal This Book? Don’t Bother”:

Libraries are offering more free search services, database access, articles, photos, eBooks, audiobooks, music and museum passes than ever. Chances are you are buying, subscribing to, or stealing something you can get for free with a library card.

The hardest part of using the wealth of free sources out there may be finding them. There are easy ways to locate these sources, but few people use them, according to Gary Price, founder and editor of the ResourceShelf blog and director of online resources at Ask.com.

I know Gary’s been trying to get News.com to write something like this promoting libraries and I’m so pleased that he was finally successful! It’s nice to see a mainstream publication focusing on what libraries have to offer patrons instead of some of the recent publications making librarians either look like hipsters or Luddites.

My favorite line from the article: “when it comes to outsmarting the content establishment, your library may be your best accomplice.” Awww yeah!