In August of 2005, I conducted a survey of people in the library and information science profession who blog to get some sense of the demographic characteristics of bibliobloggers. The results of the first Survey of the Biblioblogosphere can be found here.

After two years, it doesn’t take a survey to see that the library blogosphere has changed a great deal. So many people now are blogging who would never have considered it two years ago. While I felt like I knew of most of the library blogs out there in 2005, I know that I probably barely know 1/10 of them today. Something that was once seen as incredibly risky to do (and still is depending on how you approach it) is now thought of as a way to make a name for yourself in the profession. The number of libraries that are blogging has exploded as well. All of these changes have made me very curious about what we’d find today if we did the Survey of the Biblioblogosphere.

So I decided to design a survey for 2007. While it has a lot of the same questions from 2005 (some fixed to avoid some of the things I got criticized for the first time around), I’ve also added a few new questions that I think should offer interesting insights for all of us.

If you consider yourself a “biblioblogger,” please consider taking this survey and pass the word on to other library-related bloggers. The more people who fill it out, the better picture we will have of the characteristics of the library blogosphere. I’m looking for both people in the profession who have blogs and people who blog at their library as part of an official library blog. You don’t have to have an MLS to be a part of the survey and you don’t have to work in a traditional library setting. If you consider yourself a part of the profession and you blog, please do take part. I’ll probably keep the survey open for four weeks.

Just like last time, I’ll be sure to publicly share all the details. I definitely can’t wait to see the results myself!