As an addendum to my Survey of the Biblioblogosphere and in response to the recent discussions about rating and ranking library blogs, I’ve created a survey where people can name their top three favorite library-related blogs. People use a lot of metrics to rank blogs, but I never see anyone actually asking people what their favorite blogs are. And people will rank their favorites for many different reasons. Perhaps they’re the three that offer them information they can’t get anywhere else. Or perhaps they’re the most thought-provoking. Or perhaps they’re the most funny. Whatever the reason, we all have blogs that we most look forward to seeing new content from. Which three are yours?

So, if you read library-related blogs, fill out the survey! I’m sure we’ll get some really interesting results from this and I would guess there will be a lot of surprises as well.

I’ve paid for a professional account through Survey Monkey (which allows for unlimited survey responses) until September 29, so I’ll keep the survey open until the 28th. Looking forward to seeing the results!