I probably owe a lot of people emails and I’ve been wanting to write up my tech trends and talk about some of the cool things I learned at the OLA Superconference last week. Unfortunately, I’ve come down with the worst case of the flu I’ve ever had, which has turned me into a coughing, bed-ridden lump. This is probably the worst week for me to be home sick since next week I’m teaching nine Historical Methods classes (three sections on three different topics — reference sources, web resources, and secondary sources) and I really need time to prepare and create course guides and activities.

Tonight is the first live Elluminate (web conferencing) session for the class I’m teaching at San Jose State University and I can’t say more than five syllables without my chest hurting. Should be interesting. Fortunately, we’re having a fabulous guest speaker (Vicky Chase from the Lucy Robbins Welles Public Library in Connecticut), so that will take the heat off of me a bit. Thank goodness Elluminate has text chat as well as VoIP!

Hopefully I’ll feel better soon and will be able to write about what I learned in Toronto. In the meantime, here are my slides from the two talks I gave:

Building the Social Library Online

Top Technology Trends (with my partners-in-crime Casey Bisson and David Fiander — not sure where they posted their slides)

All in all, it was a great conference and I learned about some exciting projects being developed by Ontario libraries. I’m definitely impressed with how collaborative libraries are in Ontario and wish we had that same spirit of collaboration in Vermont. We can do so much more together than we ever could individually.